Setting up LAMP with Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

I’ve recently had to delve back into an old cloud server running from a very old Linux installation. Suffice to say, it was time for a major upgrade. To start from scratch I found a HVM based AMI for the brand new 64bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 on the Amazon AWS and decided to have a clean LAMP stack to be able to transfer over all of the old web applications/sites/etc.

Much like we’ve come to expect from new releases of Ubuntu, the methods for setting up a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) remain mainly the same. The big change this time around (if you haven’t heard) is that PHP7.0 is finally out and had been officially entered into Ubuntu. The reason this is a big deal (other than speed improvements, and better Unicode support, among other things) is that we’ve been installing previous LAMP setups using php5 packages for years now. That’s all changed now!

So let’s delve in right?

Fixing Citrix Receiver and Error 61 on Kubuntu

Citrix Receiver has become a widely used enterprise-level application. Fortunately, it has excellent Linux support from Citrix Systems, the developers. Unfortunately, it has terrible support internally from companies that use it (Linux? We don’t support that platform).

Error 61 is a common error, with an uncommon solution. It can be very frustrating to even understand what exactly the problem is.

Basically, the standard certificates are being stored somewhere on your system (e.g. /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/), however, Citrix is expecting to see them in its own directory (e.g. /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts). Now, in theory you could simply lay down a soft link (removing the cacerts directory in the local Citrix installation and then running ln -s <mozilla certs dir> <Citrix keystore dir>/cacerts .

However, I find the best way is to simply copy what you have, so that Citrix-specific files are not lost, nor intertwined and mixed with the standard ca-certificates.

sudo cp /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/*.* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

Now of course, this will depend on your installation (my Citrix install went into /opt/) YMMV.

I am sure that this solution will work just as well for other distributions. (I’ve recently switched over to a Kubuntu 15.04 beta from an old Mint install) I am looking forward to all the new changes in Kubuntu – as well as getting away from Mint.

I loved Cinnamon, but there is simply not enough support out there for many things I need to do. In fact, I almost feel uncomfortable even using Kubuntu over Ubuntu, but the sad truth is that I simply cannot stand the abomination of their default window manager. It was an interesting idea, but I feel like my skin crawls when I’m on a system with Unity. If I wanted that feeling, I would use Windows.

I’m thankful for everything Ubuntu does of course (and Kubuntu would certainly not exist without it), but Unity is a deal breaker for me.

Getting Steam Version of Fallout 3 to Work on Windows 7

There are two parts. The first having to do with a pesky INI file, and the latter with setting the mode for the executable.

Open up the fallout.ini file in: My Documents\My Games\Fallout3


Change to:


This limits the game to utilizing 2 cores and supposedly this stabilizes some instabilities,  preventing the engine from wreaking memory havoc ending in game freezes and crashes.

Right-click on the Executable and set the Compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP3)

Likewise, set the executable to run in Administrator mode

That should do it. Obviously have the latest DirectX, drivers, blah blah blah. Now go kill some damned ghouls!

Converting or Copying Single Left Channel Track Stereo to Dual Right Channel in Audacity

It can be a real pain when you get an Audio sample that is stereo, but somehow only one channel (usually the left) has any audio data in it. Its not terribly noticeable on normal set of speakers coming out of your monitor perhaps, but if you have stereo output on and you have headphones  or a nice surround sound system .. wow.. it becomes painfully obvious.

Anyway, using Audacity fixing this problem is nothing less than simplicity itself.

  1. Open File
  2. Left part of Signal Zone you’ll find an “X“. Right of that is the Audio Track pull-down menu. Select Split Stereo Track.
  3. Now you have 2xmono tracks.  Kill the right/empty/bottom channel by clicking on the “X“.
  4. Now you have 1xmono track/channel. Goto  Edit->Duplicate or simply use the Ctrl+D shortcut and now you have 2xmono tracks.
  5. Access the left channel’s Audio Track drop-down menu again and select Convert to Stereo Track.
  6. Save!

Thank go to AVIL from the doom9 forums from a post made 7 years ago.

Server Upgrade from Bluehost to Amazon Cloud AWS

Don’t mind the temporary mess.. I’ve decided to move the server over to the Amazon Cloud hosting for better performance and savings gains from the exorbitant hosting fees I was paying at Bluehost.

Now, I wouldn’t want the wrong impression to be passed along, as far as shared hosting goes, I am the first in line to recommend Bluehost. They are quite reliable, the staff is always responsive, helpful, knowledgeable — and will acknowledge mistakes made on their part when pointed out without hubris or disdain. Also, they are VERY lenient when you commit minor abuses like CPU/RAM over-usage or file count abuse. They have updated and overhauled not only their systems, but their control panel as well over the years. These things far and above make them better than other hosting services I’ve used – horrible ones like GoDaddy and others.

However, once you go to dedicated [cloud] hosting, you really can’t go back to shared hosting.

So sit back, come along for the ride, and please don’t mind the digital bumps as I get the site up and fully running again.


Solve Two Sided Printing Second Page Upside Down Problem

The Problem

You are attempting to do duplex printing or dual-side printing or two-sided printing (whatever you want to call it), and that damned page on the other side is upside down, almost like some sick joke the printer universe gods are playing on you. You’ve tried changing all sorts of options – you get desperate and even try looking through the printer menu settings seeing if there’s anything that seems like it has anything at all to do with your little conundrum. All to be left feeling helpless, alone, and beaten.


This was the same situation I was in after having purchased a new printer recently. So help me, I was ready to commit printercide. Thankfully, enough research, desperation, and flavored vodka saved the night.


The Solution

It doesn’t matter if your printer is an HP, or an Epson, or whatever. The solution is basically the same. You actually do have to download the custom driver set for your printer from the manufacturer. (If you are running Linux, you only need to be able to access your higher/lower level settings). When that is done and you are going to print something, you will need to access the advanced “Print Dialog” and particularly the Preferences – which now after getting the custom drivers for your printer.. will allow you to do advanced two-sided printing options.

Particularly, the situation is this. You have to look for the area that describes “long edge” and “short edge” binding / printing / etc. Everyone uses different lingo – but basically if you have it set to something that sound like long edge, then change it to its short edge equivalent and everything will begin to work (or visa-versa).

Beware Jelly Bean Firmware Update for Asus Infinity TF700T

I found out the hard way today when the new Android Jelly Bean update was installed that I should have been more wary than previous OTA updates.

Unfortunately, it now appears as if the /data/local/ directory is no longer writable when attempting the debugfs root exploit on the TF700T.

What does this mean? This means that (re-)rooting the tablet is basically impossible at this point.

Now I have to do a factory firmware reset, somehow find all of the older OTAs, update my system, and sit pretty with old Ice Cream Sandwich until ASUS gets its head out of its rear or some intrepid hacker at XDA figures out a different root for my device.

So, my Infinity is almost basically useless. Most of the apps I use require root / su access, most importantly the SixAxis Controller app which is what I use for 90% of all my games on the device. Its not exactly a brick, but it might as well be as far as I’m concerned.

A Bricked Asus TF700T
My Asus is Basically Bricked

Again, I repeat, do not install the new firmware update on your Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T if your root is precious to you, because ASUS has swooped in to destroy your garden of innocence and defile it with its alien otherworldly morals. For shame! Damn my eyes!

Update: If you have an OTA RootKeeper, it might be possible that you can keep your root before the firmware update. I have yet to have this confirmed however.

Get Top results in fuzzy matches with Python

There is usually some scenario that inevitably comes up for me every couple years where I need to see if a phrase or word matches comparably with another one. However, there is the unfortunate circumstance (especially when dealing with thousands and thousands of possible matches) that the best match is not always the correct match.

So I hacked together this basically ugly set of functions to ultimately do one thing, return the top 3 results and their match percentage.