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Server Upgrade from Bluehost to Amazon Cloud AWS

Don’t mind the temporary mess.. I’ve decided to move the server over to the Amazon Cloud hosting for better performance and savings gains from the exorbitant hosting fees I was paying at Bluehost.

Now, I wouldn’t want the wrong impression to be passed along, as far as shared hosting goes, I am the first in line to recommend Bluehost. They are quite reliable, the staff is always responsive, helpful,¬†knowledgeable — and will acknowledge mistakes made on their part when pointed out without hubris or disdain. Also, they are VERY lenient when you commit minor abuses like CPU/RAM over-usage or file count abuse. They have updated and overhauled not only their systems, but their control panel as well over the years. These things far and above make them better than other hosting services I’ve used – horrible ones like GoDaddy and others.

However, once you go to dedicated [cloud] hosting, you really can’t go back to shared hosting.

So sit back, come along for the ride, and please don’t mind the digital bumps as I get the site up and fully running again.