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Converting or Copying Single Left Channel Track Stereo to Dual Right Channel in Audacity

It can be a real pain when you get an Audio sample that is stereo, but somehow only one channel (usually the left) has any audio data in it. Its not terribly noticeable on normal set of speakers coming out of your monitor perhaps, but if you have stereo output on and you have headphones  or a nice surround sound system .. wow.. it becomes painfully obvious.

Anyway, using Audacity fixing this problem is nothing less than simplicity itself.

  1. Open File
  2. Left part of Signal Zone you’ll find an “X“. Right of that is the Audio Track pull-down menu. Select Split Stereo Track.
  3. Now you have 2xmono tracks.  Kill the right/empty/bottom channel by clicking on the “X“.
  4. Now you have 1xmono track/channel. Goto  Edit->Duplicate or simply use the Ctrl+D shortcut and now you have 2xmono tracks.
  5. Access the left channel’s Audio Track drop-down menu again and select Convert to Stereo Track.
  6. Save!

Thank go to AVIL from the doom9 forums from a post made 7 years ago.