A screenshot of Bluehost's View Temporary Site message

Bluehost View Temporary Site Bug


Love it or hate it (or possibly overwhelming indifference) it is around and here to stay. I’ve used many different services and while I am sure there are many horror stories (no matter what hosting company you go with) I’ve only had several issues with them over the past few years.

I’ve got several accounts with them, have gotten other associates of mine to use them as well, and run more than 40 different websites across the strata. Once in a while, something particularly odd or annoying happens.

A screenshot of Bluehost's View Temporary Site message
Seen this message before?

I only use them for shared hosting, for more serious en-devours I use the cloud (particularly, AWS) as I’m sure I’ve expressed before.

Like many hosting services they go down sometimes. Sometimes its only for 20 minutes because some fool who ran a bad runaway script with a forever loop, sometimes its for a few hours because their daemons became unstable. Whatever, downtimes are not a big issue, they happen rarely (perhaps a few times a year, sometimes a couple times within a single week, and other times not for an 8 or 10 month stretch).

I don’t have a problem with it, in fact I fully understand how that kind of thing can happen.

What drives me crazy is when strange anomalies crop up. For example, sometimes their DNS zone files will get “reset”. You’ll notice this in particular when you have multiple domains pointing at different IP addresses.

When this happens, the wrong IP addresses get reported to some DNS servers temporarily and dish you out an IP address that, while it belongs to Bluehost, is not the correct IP address for your domain.

What happens then? Lets say your primary domain is server.com and you have an addon domain called server2.com. Your IP address for server.com is and for server2.com its IP address is Well one day you try going to server2.com and instead get sent to (and when you check your DNS zone editor, you’ll see the address has been set to then you see the infamous Bluehost message View Temporary Site for about two nanoseconds and then you get sent to server2.server.com

What do you need to do?

Well, you need to flush your DNS cache. I also recommend you stick to using Google’s public DNS server, but that’s up to you ( and also are available)

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  1. Reply josef December 5, 2013 at 09:35


    plz i have the same problem

    how i could flush the DNS cache ?

    • Israel
      Reply Israel April 22, 2016 at 04:16

      That really depends on what operating system you are using and other variables (e.g. such as possibly your router settings). So basically my answer is that I recommend you google that information for your particular setup. The only thing I’ll recommend is that when you have force-changed your DNS server, you clear out your settings in your browser, restart your computer, and also make sure that your router if you are getting DNS information from there, to change its settings as well and reboot it also. Good luck!

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