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March 2018

Eclipse Oxygen Plugin Install Fails or Read Repository Issues on Linux

You’ve recently upgraded to Java9, most likely using OpenJDK and you’re trying to install some plugins perhaps in Eclipse Oxygen or you’re engaged in some other activity trying to access a repository and you’re getting failures. Perhaps you’ve even tried to install by way of “dragging the button” onto Eclipse and now after restart your installation has become corrupted. What’s even more frustrating is that possibly some repository access seems to work, while others fail. You see messages like trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty and wonder what that means.

What’s the problem?

Installing Java 9 and Eclipse Oxygen on Ubuntu 17.10

This is still unfortunately not an entirely straightforward process, at least insofar as getting Eclipse running smoothly out of the box. This is primarily because of the recent release of various versions around the same timeframe causing some upset. The majority of which falls on Java 9 having made changes to how it uses its module system and the manner in which Eclipse organizes its runtime environment.

Some recent developments have made things easier, however, a manual installation of Eclipse is still simply the best route to take at the moment.