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May 2016

PHP Fatal Error Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

Its a brave new world these days with Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7.0, and so many other new and exciting versions of software.

You’ve probably become frustrated trying to re-install the php mysql libraries or trying to get the mysql module loaded into Apache2. The truth is though, is that mysql_* functions are now defunct. There was still some backwards compatibility up until PHP 7.0, but now you’re forced into using the new libraries MySQLi or PDO_MySQL. Personally, I decided with a current project to transition using the MySQLi library as its the closest analogue to the original mysql library and requires less effort.

Upgrading an AWS Instance

Because of the difficulties with trying to track down the correct AKI (Kernel ID), so you can create your own AMI (from your own Image, from a snapshot of your original boot drive), you are so much better off upgrading your server in a completely different way.

You’ve probably come to this page because you’ve had difficulties with doing the above process, maybe you’ve got that heart-wrenching soul-crushing System Log bug:

Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block

After hours of misery you can’t figure out what to do, or what the correct AKI to choose (out of only, what, 1 million?) and you feel like you’re one of the Wildlings being blocked by the great Wall in the North and you just want to get south before the White Walkers find you..

Look no further!

Forget that horrible process that Amazon recommends and instead do what seems like the wrong thing:

ModRewrite not working or AllowOverride All Not Working

You’ve gotten your LAMP stack working perfectly, you probably have webmin installed and everything seems to be going well right? Until you start trying to using some special web packages like WordPress or a commerce package.. or maybe you’re trying to use some RewriteEngine conditions (like a RewriteRule) and nothing seems to work.

Is the mod_rewrite module turned on? How can you check? You make a file called phpinfo.php that has this code in it: