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March 2013

Solve Two Sided Printing Second Page Upside Down Problem

The Problem

You are attempting to do duplex printing or dual-side printing or two-sided printing (whatever you want to call it), and that damned page on the other side is upside down, almost like some sick joke the printer universe gods are playing on you. You’ve tried changing all sorts of options – you get desperate and even try looking through the printer menu settings seeing if there’s anything that seems like it has anything at all to do with your little conundrum. All to be left feeling helpless, alone, and beaten.


This was the same situation I was in after having purchased a new printer recently. So help me, I was ready to commit printercide. Thankfully, enough research, desperation, and flavored vodka saved the night.


The Solution

It doesn’t matter if your printer is an HP, or an Epson, or whatever. The solution is basically the same. You actually do have to download the custom driver set for your printer from the manufacturer. (If you are running Linux, you only need to be able to access your higher/lower level settings). When that is done and you are going to print something, you will need to access the advanced “Print Dialog” and particularly the Preferences – which now after getting the custom drivers for your printer.. will allow you to do advanced two-sided printing options.

Particularly, the situation is this. You have to look for the area that describes “long edge” and “short edge” binding / printing / etc. Everyone uses different lingo – but basically if you have it set to something that sound like long edge, then change it to its short edge equivalent and everything will begin to work (or visa-versa).