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October 2012

Beware Jelly Bean Firmware Update for Asus Infinity TF700T

I found out the hard way today when the new Android Jelly Bean update was installed that I should have been more wary than previous OTA updates.

Unfortunately, it now appears as if the /data/local/ directory is no longer writable when attempting the debugfs root exploit on the TF700T.

What does this mean? This means that (re-)rooting the tablet is basically impossible at this point.

Now I have to do a factory firmware reset, somehow find all of the older OTAs, update my system, and sit pretty with old Ice Cream Sandwich until ASUS gets its head out of its rear or some intrepid hacker at XDA figures out a different root for my device.

So, my Infinity is almost basically useless. Most of the apps I use require root / su access, most importantly the SixAxis Controller app which is what I use for 90% of all my games on the device. Its not exactly a brick, but it might as well be as far as I’m concerned.

A Bricked Asus TF700T
My Asus is Basically Bricked

Again, I repeat, do not install the new firmware update on your Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T if your root is precious to you, because ASUS has swooped in to destroy your garden of innocence and defile it with its alien otherworldly morals. For shame! Damn my eyes!

Update: If you have an OTA RootKeeper, it might be possible that you can keep your root before the firmware update. I have yet to have this confirmed however.