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August 2012

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What to do after Installing Ubuntu 12.04

It may seem that it is a bit late to be writing about, particularly when 12.10 can be seen on the horizon, and yet considering that 12.04 is an LTS and that likely most of this advice will be useful for 12.10 anyhow, it still seems prudent to go ahead and spread the word. While your mileage may vary with this advice, I find that these steps are vital to getting a good working environment going. I’ve provided links when I can can to backup / support what little nuggets I’m put up.

It goes without saying that I recommend you use everything Google to track your stuff throughout your machines, PC, Android Phones, Android Tablets, or otherwise. Your contacts or bookmarks change in one place and they change everywhere else. If you have all of your documents, drivers, and other files uploaded into Google Drive, you will always have access to them no matter where you are (and you no longer have to keep them on your computer[s] taking up space). If all of your images are uploaded, and have instant upload activated, you will be able to do things like setup a new machine and have instant access to all your backgrounds – I have my own album setup called “Backgrounds” for this very purpose.

Screenshot of my Background Album on Google+
Check out my bad-ass backgrounds!

Likewise, you should have your one account on the Ubuntu Software Center set so that if you ever purchase something like a Humble Bundle, it will be good for any installation you ever do on any of your machines in the future. (Much like you would use the same Google account on all your phones / tablets / fablets so that when you purchase something on Google Play, it will install on all of your devices instead of just the one).

Enough jingoism, lets get to some specifics shall we?